2014 Expedition

Breakdown Blues

14 July 2014:  Kampala, Uganda I wish I could say that things improved after finding transportation out of Isiro, but the road continued to be bad for most of the long journey to Nia Nia, where it finally became good.  Shortly after dawn on the 5th of July we traveled […]

The Last Straw

4 July 2014:  Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo A small miracle was pulled off when, a few hours after uploading the last post, the mechanics finished working on the destroyed clutch on our truck.  They also patched up our tires as best as they could, and with time running […]

Road Rage 2

29 June 2014:  Bangale, ca. 15 km west of Boda, Democratic Republic of the Congo I must start this blog post, unfortunately, with a bit of bad news.  The last post burned up nearly 50% of the internet usage with my satellite modem, and so until I can get back to […]

Harsh Reality 4

14 June 2014:  Bombole, near Tele, Democratic Republic of the Congo Mathias bought us a very nice breakfast of tshipati (dinner-plate sized discs of fried dough) and cow meat on our last morning in Uganda on the 5th of June, and he even picked up additional tshipati for us to […]

Miraculous Murchison 3

Miraculous Murchison 9 June 2014:  Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo A very long and bumpy ride was necessary to travel from Kasese, the town just east of the Rwenzori Mountains, north to Murchison Falls NP.  Along the way, our Ugandan colleague Mathias Behangana showed off his skills as a […]

Bwindi’s Bounty 4

2 June 2014:  Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, west of Kasese After a long drive from Kampala through terraced agricultural hills, we entered a winding road with dizzying sharp turns that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  We passed an entire village engaged in the process of excavating […]

The Great Lake 6

23 May 2014: Kampala Uganda. Two nights ago my Ph.D. student Danny Hughes and I arrived at Entebbe Airport, and after filing a report for a missing piece of luggage, we traveled to a steep hill in Kampala to find our hotel, the charming New Hotel Madagascar. Jet lagged and […]