Militants, malaria and pirates are just some of the challenges these scientist-explorers face in their quest to map the world’s diversity.



In the middle of the jungle, UTEP researchers are pioneering new science...



Coming in Fall 2017!

Eli Greenbaum’s Emerald Labyrinth: A Scientist’s Journey Through the Jungles of Congo, tells the story of a scientist in war-torn Congo working to explore the country’s biodiversity in vast and remote jungles where he discovers scores of new species, as well as a window into the history, tropical diseases, languages, and cultures of DRC to put his harrowing experiences into context.

Since 2007, UTEP’s Eli Greenbaum, Ph.D., a noted herpetologist and associate professor of evolutionary genetics, has been traveling to the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo to search for – and find – new species of reptiles and amphibians.


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