Monthly Archives: August 2013

O Kameleo, Where Art Thou?

  O Kameleo, Where Art Thou?   15 August 2013:  Kinshasa, DR Congo.  Two days ago, we finally emerged from the “walls of green” in the great forest to the east of Mbandaka, and I was treated to a delicious but expensive meal of chicken with frites (French fries) and […]

Crocodile City

  Crocodile City   2 August 2013:  Watsi Kengo, Salonga River, DR Congo.  Yesterday we returned from Lotulu, a ranger outpost on the Yenge River, which took us about 7 hours to reach from Watsi Kengo.  After heading a couple hours east along the Salonga River from Watsi Kengo, a […]