2018 Expedition

Red Tape

Bukavu, 10 February 2018 I wish I could say things improved substantially when we headed west to Mwenga, but alas, fate would create more frustrating roadblocks.  With considerable effort we would overcome some of them and make the best of others. The original plan was to ship our repaired truck […]

Against the Current

Aboard the “Super Bus” somewhere on Lake Tanganyika, 27 January 2018 As we approached Kalemie from the north several days ago, thankfully with no more mechanical issues, I could see prominent cell phone towers, large houses and buildings, and other clues that it is a relatively large city.  We welcomed […]

Wrong Turn

Force Bendera, 19 January 2018 We departed Fizi on the 13th of January, heading south through the rolling hills toward the town of Lulimba, which sits at a convenient crossroads for Itombwe to the west, Masisi to the east, and the route south to Kabobo.  En route we stopped at […]

In case you forgot…

Fizi, 11 January 2018 Things got off to a worrying start this year, because I came down with a cold just before leaving El Paso, it got much worse during the uncomfortably long flights to Africa, and I was so exhausted when I finally arrived in Bukavu that I wasn’t […]